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In the books, I believe there was a feat that went along the lines of the Hobbits not even being able to perceive Aragorn in the fight, so the film was more than likely attempting to fit this feat in although toned it down quite a lot, but it’s still notable. Unless you’d argue this is all one mere coincidence, I’d say they’re pretty consistent in proving themselves ample for some serious bloodshed. I don’t think it’s becuase the Nazgul were unimpressive and sloppy, but more so due to the fact that Aragorn caught them off guard and the scene captured the extent of his speed compared to opponents on such a higher level by basically clearing them all away from the Hobbits at once. Not only this, but Karl also was dual wielding, making this even better due to the immediate threats in both hands. Every man was physically imposing:

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128×0800 think you’re not giving this fight enough credit. Hope everyone is enjoying the show so far: It’s so well-made that it actually can shatter other afagorn as well as counter a White Walker’s weapon. Even in the regard of physical superiority, Aragorn isn’t that far ahead if at all. If you watch closely you can see most of them just waited aagorn the back and waited to attack practically one at a time.

Besides, even if you bring up aragor as a feat for Longclaw, Aragorn’s sword Anduril formerly Narsil is more than a match for it. Yes, the mighty and skilled men of Gondor. Here’s a link to the video, I’ll make sure to check beforehand later in the debate. For Jon to have a remote chance of getting the upper hand on Aragorn 128×0800 any means he’ll have to rely on Ghost heavily, and even then Aragorn is more than able to fight his way out of an ambush like approach or something similar.


His performace in said battles greatly advances his strength, raagorn, speed, endurance, stamina and thus ranks higher on the food chain as a combatant than Jon. I’m up to date on Game of Thrones and I’m well aware of Jon’s capabilities which doesn’t seem to be mutual in this debateand I can say for sure that no feats of Jon can place him adequately to Aragorn’s standards as a warrior altogether.

Anyway, to get back onto how this applies to Aragorn, the Mines of Moria clip contains a few decent feats on his part that I didn’t really point out, which is something to do now.

Due to the differences in theme, the beings of Lord of the Aragprn seem to be on quite a higher level in general and they are. The simply difference is that while Jon is a great warrior in his universe, Aragorn is also a great warrior in his. Untrained, unskilled, unaccustomed to battle hobbits. Karl on the other hand isn’t limited by such factors and has aragodn full speed open to him, which Jon was able to match.

Yeah man, I’m still working on completing the post, most of it’s been done anyway it’s just school’s taking up a lot of my time recently.

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I’m afraid the significance of orc combat is just going to have to be disagreed upon. As far as battling multiple opponents goes, Aragorn is no stranger to them whatsoever.

Except I’m not using it for the benefit of the debate, at all, just for comparison. These guys humiliate the Orcs that you’ve seen already in every single category and were bred by Saruman to march on Helm’s Deep against not only men of Rohirim, but the Elves too. Are Orcs only capable of this because Gondor’s men aren’t as good in action as they are on paper?

Not only this, but Karl also was dual wielding, making this even better due to the immediate threats in both hands. They can say whatever they want to about the Uruk-Hai, but if they die just as easily as the previous orcs it remains more or less the same. Now, onto my second point.


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As I’ve said in my earlier post, they don’t rely on their capabilities in battle to win wars, they rely heavily on the force of sheer numbers.

In Balin’s Tomb among the other members of the Fellowship, Aragorn effortlessly slaughters a number of orcs, beings who are strong and ferocious enough to overwhelm well trained soldiers and a group this size would annihilate Castle Black, yet Aragorn treats them like nothing. I agree that skill is more reliable to determine a tactical and calculative aragprn, but only if we’re taking two characters aragotn aren’t far off from each other physically. You’d think Jon Snow loses, he knows nothing.

1208×800 debate looks dope, tag me for votes when you’re done. Even in the video you posted they’re being killed left and right by hobbits. Only what happens in the films are canon to the films. Please Log In to post.

CaV: Pope(Aragorn) vs TLSSH(Jon Snow) – Battles – Comic Vine

Aragorn, in general, casually combats and beats opponents on another level in comparison to who Jon is used to battling. You can skip ahead towards the end of the video where they begin to climb the walls, I couldn’t find the full battle but this’ll have to do.

I’d firstly like to get this out of the way; orc’s who I consider look more like goblin’s in LotR are really shameful to watch.

There’s a couple of clear issues here.