Please don’t take that away. The hacker was Tomley. I really miss pico although I play pigg, it has a unique vibe that no game can replace. The part about them opening up once they get their finance together is a rumor. Guys my mum is the creator of pico she didnt shut it down but some kind of hacker somehow did well were making a new pico and it will be open soon we just need to like build everything we will be finesheing as soon as possible but just in cause it might open go to piggers. Maijun Jamdee March 10, at 4:

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I can’t access my account on thereso maybe the same problem is happening with Ameba Pico. I love when my friends on Pico tell me about their xmeba. You can also allow visitors from other Hypergrid-enabled grids to enter your worlds. Anonymous December 14, at 2: Even though lot’s of people tried to say that Pico is coming back, It really isn’t.

Ameba Pico Virtual World 2 | Kitely Virtual World

Ameba pico game your avatar with clothes and accessories. It provides great performance with no lag when using ultra graphics with all gzme bells and whistles. It could be the fact that online gatchas are now banned on Japanese social gaming sites. Yoona February 23, at 7: Sell your virtual goods in Kitely Market. We all can file a lawsuit for our money back, even if they say no refund.


This means that if you decide to leave Kitely you’ll be able to take your creations with you. If not, then similar. We can sued the amount we spend.

Pico Forever: The End of Pico?

Kitely users are friendly and welcoming. I do have a theroy I think is the same to yours. No description Show more. I really miss pico although I play pigg, it has a unique vibe that no game can replace. Anonymous February 13, at 6: Our service is based on OpenSim, a freely available open-source virtual worlds platform.

Link to Ameba Pigg for those of you who want it: Loofah ;D December 16, at 3: According to a website, people are gambling with real money for “kompu gatcha” complete gatcha. Anonymous February 18, at 3: Ameeba hope it comes back, because I grew up with pico! Monday, October 29, The End of Pico? Ameba Pico Virtual World 2.

Pigg Life: CyberAgent Launches New Social Game in Ameba Pigg [Social Games]

Cyberagents making lies about not having the “source” the “money” They ameab over 3 Millions dollars a year or something like not. I really hate Pico closed down: Anonymous January 25, at So that’s pretty much it Well Anonymous is correct in some sources, some soures have said thet ambea was sued by a teenager’s mother when she gave her address and the stae she ameba pico game in to a 30 year old posing as a 17promising to see herblah blah blah he tried to rape her blah blah blah her mother sued ambea pico ameba pico game they lost pifo case but i agree mostly with this case only because i never meet someone who can hack an entire site of they or truthfully couldn’t provide more updates to puco game.


Anonymous November 19, at 9: We gave people our trust and Pico’s not back. Anonymous March 19, at 6: