Krutidev font is already available in above list. Hi Arvind, Actually I ve one document which says it is prepared in around to Dj Ajeet Raj Tech World dj admin. Download Kruti Dev wide font. So I wonder which is that Marathi font which came in computer printing so early and that to can be use as open source.

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First two digit in this series indicate font family and last digit of series number indicate particular font’s font style. Including some professional and stylish fonts too.

Can anyone tell me, when first kiti dev font is launch? DevLys and Kruti Dev fonts are most used hindi fonts in typing. Download Kruti Dev condensed font. Koi bhi kruti Dev font download kar usey MS word ya koi other typing software mein kaam mein le sakte devfonfs. Font Series All Kruti Dev fonts: Download series from kruti Dev to kruti Dev free. Download Kruti Dev thin font. Most of the typing tests in these states are conducted in Kruti Dev font.


You can devfonts pc download this devfonts pc by clicking. Download Kruti Dev italic Font. This font commonly used in many north Indian states.

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So if a candidate have practiced in any Kruti Dev font then he will easily handle DevLys fonts also. Krutidev font is already available in above list. Please its a Deffonts request to u. Dj Ajeet Raj Devfonts pc World dj admin. Download Kruti Dev bold italic font. Conversion Conversion Emoticon Emoticon. And which is the first Marathi fond in computer? For latest fonts join our mailing list and get trending fonts right in your inbox every month.

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If you are asking question, be sure to check ‘notify me’ check box to get your answer notification. Really appreciate your support. You can use DevLys instead of KrutiDev, same font.

Normally Kruti Dev devtonts 01 series is widely used for official purpose and other qualifying typing examinations. There you can change any language devfots english keyboard ok. The devfonts pc used is Marathi font and it is computer printing. I m seachering for kruti dev but the web page always show kruti dev pls help devfonts pc want kruti dev Download Kruti Dev bold Font. It will be a great help if you can guide me to understand which font is used in the document.


Download Kruti Dev font. Download Kruti Dev Normal Font. If in two fonts first two digits are same then they share the same font family. The last digit represent the style name of that font. Tweet Share Share Share Share. Download Kruti Dev xevfonts Font. Here the full series of all Kruti Dev fonts given with download link.