Punch by Rob Papen Review: Hive by U-he Essentials: There are controls to zoom in or out, scroll left and right along the length of the MSEG display, and the whole envelope can be made to fit on screen by double-clicking the top bar. The first and third oscillators also have controls to add ring RM and frequency modulation FM. When you click on the waveform name, a menu appears letting you select between the built-in waveforms, samples, or wavetables. It can have up to seven effects for each of the two bus processors outputs, and still have one cell left over for an additional effect.

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It can have up to seven effects for each dmitry sches diversion vsti the two bus processors outputs, and still have one cell left over for an additional effect. The filter section has some standard controls, such as Cutoff, Resonance, Key tracking, and Velocity.

Our Verdict Recommended to preset lovers and hardcore sound designers alike, this is a great, thoroughly contemporary synth. Diversion has ten effects you can load into its FX Matrix.

It basically comprises four knobs that all modify some detail of that oscillator’s waveform.

It will appeal to anyone who loves modern dance sounds, whether they intend toprogram their own from scratch or trawl through the list of beautiful and meticulously designed presets. However, it can also pull off regular, old-style virtual analog types of presets as well. The effects include reverb, delay, echoes, grain shifter, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, tremolo and an equalizer. In summary, Diversion is definitely one of the best synths going for sound quality, usability and features.


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62% off “Diversion” Synthesizer by Dmitry Sches (VST/AU)

Just like the envelope section, there are four LFOs available to dmitry sches diversion vsti. Eventually, Dmitry also developed a xches for Mac users.

Diversion’s modulation matrix offers 18 slots, and when you see the extensive selection of modulation sources and destinations available, you can tell that Diversion was designed by a hardcore synthesist. Combined with the Oscillator X and Y controls mentioned elsewhere, this feature means that you can adjust the tone of each Diversion patch to fit the mix you’re working on without ever reaching for an EQ. Each of the four controls can be switched between the seven available effects, just click on its name below the knob to select one.

If asked if there was anything missing from Diversion’s effects list, we’d probably mention that we’d like to see a compressor. Flexibility and sound quality dversion been unashamedly placed much higher than CPU-friendliness in Sches’ list of priorities, then.

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62% off “Diversion” Synthesizer by Dmitry Sches (VST/AU)

This allows you to record the output of Diversion, and then save it as a WAV file, or quickly send it to one of the four oscillators. It had a special character to its vzti, as well as a great user interface, and many people took to it right away. The stereo effect it can achieve through modulation is pretty cool, and there are many possibilities for tweaking here. If you switch it to one of the higher oversampling rates, such as 4X or 8X, it sounds great, but it will also use a lot more of the CPU.

Live 9 Suite by Ableton Review: Oversampling Typically, after a non-linear processing of the waveform inside the oscillators and bus processors, digital aliasing can occur.


In its basic form, it is a subtractive synth, but has some elements of FM frequency modulationgranular emitry, dmitry sches diversion vsti RM ring modulation as well. When you vsto on the waveform name, a menu appears letting you select between the built-in waveforms, samples, or wavetables.

Review – Diversion by Dmitry Sches

Be warned, though, for this is a synth designed to exploit the full power vst modern computers; slowpoke systems will not get the job done.

As you can imagine, just these basic controls alone offer a gamut of possible sounds, but believe it or not, at this point we’ve barely scratched the surface of divrsion Diversion can create…. Izotope Ozone 5 Review: The four oscillators are arranged in pairs that can cross-modulate via FM and RM, so even though the oscillators dmitry sches diversion vsti your typical virtual analogue stuff, you can get all the classic grunts and screams dmitry sches diversion vsti a digital synth, too.

You may also be interested in: Image 2 of 3 The flexible arpeggiator and trance gate can be called up for editing in the lower panel. This is because Diversion’s extended feature-set enables the sound designer to program far more detail into the patches than in the average synth, meaning that there’s less of a need for the end user to use insert effects on the output channel – plus, there’s an arpeggiator and trance gate to get thecreative chi flowing.

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