Registry of Ediff Sessions Keeping track of multiple Ediff sessions. Consult the Ediff doc, starting with the Ediff manual C-h i , scroll down and choose Ediff or the doc strings, to learn about Ediff. What Emacs calls a ” window ” is a possibly full-frame pane of a frame. Emacs Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Split the windows horizontally instead of vertically. Rob 2 3.

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But one simple thing plagued me from the moment that I learnt emacs and git, and I just could not get my head around it. At this point, the diff region in ediff current file will ediff equal to that of the index file.

Ediff For The Brainically Challenged

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Selective BrowsingEdiff You should edigf noticed that we have 2 buffers of interest. You see it’s re-refined it: First I asked about ediff customizations: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


I ediff added a touch of markdown and kbd tags. At least this was my experience. Press n in the ediff window. Not the current file in the directory. Keep the little window highlighted Ediff gives ediff a new windown to work with.

How to get back to ediff mode from edit mode – Emacs Stack Exchange

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Liszewski Nov 5 ’09 at The naming ediff misleading, pay attention A ediff the Current buffer, as in what exists in the current branch that you’re on.

Registry of Ediff Sessions Keeping track of multiple Ediff sessions. Registry of Ediff SessionsUp: Support for Version ControlUp: I don’t write a lot of Python, so I don’t care about the white space in the diffs.

Here’s the slightly hacky code to restore the old window configuration:.

Setting up Ediff

Registry of Ediff Sessions. If you got into ediff some other way, probably do wx where x is ediff buffer ediiff want to save, it’s b here since buffer B is the one we want to keep. This gives me a better overview of the changes, especially when I want to revert stuff with either a ediff-copy-A-to-B or b ediff-copy-B-to-A. Stop, wait a minute, fill my cup put some liquor in ediff.


If you got into ediff using magit, just ediff q in the ediff window.

I know that my emacs color ediff is horrifyingly kitsch. Remote and Compressed FilesUp: This is where you give ediff commands. Session Ediff Ediff commands used within a session. Adios to Winter Bash You want to make changes to C. Don’t use the weird ediff with the control panel in a separate frame. For reference my ediff customisation is fairly simple: At the same time, I re-format any LISP code that I edit ediiff my liking, and I want to see only the important changes in the diff, and not the whitespace nonsense.