Stata 15 on Windows. Search Site only in current section. To speak to other Stata users, attend some training or find a Stata User Group near you, or simply connect with our Facebook or LinkedIn communities. It also has a system to disseminate user-written programs that lets it grow continuously. These are available as free downloadable updates to those who have a licence for the previous major release.

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How do I install and access my Stata Press eBook? The price of srata is always considerably lower than making a new purchase. Are there annual fees for Stata? To access your books you will need to create a free account in VitalSource Bookshelf and either access via the VitalSource Bookshelf web access or via an application installed onto your Windows computer, Mac, iOS device or Android device.

Views Read Edit View history. To upgrade to a new Intercooled stata version, click here order page.

A clear indicator is constant, prolonged disk access during the execution of a command. Universities have the option of buying site licences allowing intercooled stata entire faculty of staff and students unlimited access to Stata.

If the network license reaches the size of users or greater, then the customer may add users to the license only in blocks of ten or more users. The name Stata is a syllabic abbreviation of the words statistics and data. Default Windows permission settings might prevent the Stata licence file to be written to disk, even if you are an Administrator user. This article intercooled stata content that is written like an advertisement. Stata at Wikipedia’s sister projects.


The dataset can be viewed or edited in spreadsheet format. What is included in Stata documentation? Stata has always emphasized a command-line interface, which facilitates replicable analyses.

Frequently asked questions

IntercooleeStataCorp have released a new major release of Stata incrementing the integer part of the version number roughly every two years. Customers may not combine flavors within a single network. If you prefer, you can also choose to buy maintenance along with the licence. Prices are the same for all platforms, and you can use the same licence and DVD on all platforms.

When an upgraded version of Stata is released, you can choose to continue to use your current licence at no charge or pay for the upgrade. For which platforms is Stata available? To solve the problem, right-click the Intercooled stata executable in the Stata install directory, and click “Run as Administrator” to open Intercooled stata enter your authorization information, etc. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Why does Stata give the message that my “licence intercooled stata not applicable to this version”? Minor releases incrementing the decimal part of the version number are sometimes made available between major releases. Local Stata distributors host User Group meetings in their own countries, however, Stata developers frequently travel to and present at these meetings.


Researchers with large data sets or with a large number of variables should consider using the more capable version of Stata on the ALICE serviceparticularly as this service is available off-campus.

A network license is appropriate for use by machines within a single local geographic location or physical site. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To perform OLS regression of y on x with White’s heteroscedasticity-consistent standard errors:. See the Stata features page for more information on the new features in Stata release 15 How do I download intercooled stata install Stata after purchasing?

The different flavors of Stata: A detailed description

LIC” on my Windows computer Default Windows permission settings might prevent the Stata licence file to be written to intercooled stata, even if you are an Intercooled stata user. Intercooked order to process an upgrade, you must provide the serial number s of your current licence s. University Teaching has 70 licences. Most of its users work in researchespecially in the fields of economicssociologypolitical sciencebiomedicine and epidemiology.

Maintenance prices are subject to change.