But the easiest way of standing out is when you do it for a certain brand e. Jan Martin featuring Hysteria! Petr Lesko aka Spark7 is also a really big talent and it is nice to work with him we already finished a new collab even though he is just 18 years. I already had the idea to go that way for a longer time but i never spoke to any bigger label in the past but i’ve been waiting for the right moment until the brand was big enough to go this next step. But when i listen to the previous ones i always feel like “wow, this is a really cool tune, i should include it again on the next gig”. May it be video stuff on Youtube or podcasts on Soundcloud. So we had regularly funny moments when this or that didn’t work.

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The very first one will always be something special to me as it was the first compilation i ever did, but hard to say if it was the best one.

My heart will also stay trancy but i myself don’t wanna be limited within just one genre. I was and i still am shocked.

Not limited to Japan, but also what is going on in Thailand these days or other places on earth. The full tracklisting of Mellowmania As Mellomania approaches its milestone 10th anniversary and 25th edition, series-mastermind Pedro del Mar is primed to whip the chill out of autumn with another immaculate collection of hothouse mellokania and feel-great trance.

A ten-year-standing cornerstone of switched on electronic music fans collections’ Mellomania’s mellomania vol 1 edition sets sail on waters pacific with Pedro and Romanian producer Hoyaa’s purpose-built compilation overture. Yes i’m really happy about what has happened on and with the labels over the last years. During the weekly 60mins you can expect a mix of the latest upfront promos and the biggest vocal mellomaania of mellomania vol 1 times.


‚ÄéMellomania Album Sampler, Vol. 1 by Various Artists on Apple Music

The consumers should feel that there is a real concept behind a compilation and that it is not just “clicked together” if you know what i mean.

The world has changed with the internet and especially the music industry. My aim with every new CD is to have the feeling that it is the best ever.

No no, ovl have mllomania mellomania vol 1 competitors nor are we jealous at mellomaia of what the other is doing. So we’re always working closely with each other and not against each other at all. I have to mellomania vol 1 that i’m a big fan of him and mellomqnia work and as he is living close to me it was easy to work out this collab with him.

Sunny Lax – Marvel Original Mix Compilations nowadays are released very often and thanks to the digital age labels are releasing bundles and compilations very often and easily. Actually working on gigs in Mexico, Domenican Republic, Russia, Poland, Germany, Turkey and so on but I’m also happy to announce that in April i’m giving my debut for the popular Gatecrasher brand in Singapore.

The mentalities are different from country to country same as the way people do celebrate.

Mellomania, Vol. 12 – Various Artists | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

So far I had the chance to perform in 30 or 40 countries and i always had a great time. Please can you choose for us your favorite tracks mellomania vol 1 each cd that are coming from new faces in the trance scene and you believe that this compilation will give them the right exposure to establish them in the scene? And i do also release on the Armada labels and Roger already did some tunes on Black Hole, so we are both in very good relationships with each other and also with both companies and it is great to work with both of them and we both feel comfortable to work with all of them.

Mellomaniaa digital download is available through: Within that great compilation except the well known trance tracks from famous labels like Black Hole, Armada, Anjunabeats there are some mellpmania from new talents as well. It is one of my personal all-time classics so when i heard about an official re-release i really liked the idea of giving it my own treatment.


Maybe not with these three labels but who knows if we’re going to launch a common label in the future mellomania vol 1 we do anyway work very closely together and it is nice to work with the whole Black Hole gang.


You are brother of Dj and producer Roger Shah that he is closely working with Armada and he is high in the dj mag Mellomsnia list. The CD is available at: I love uplifting tunes but also progressive tunes and i do play what i like and i don’t care about styles at all.

Even more impressive is the way how the Japanese mellomania vol 1 do react in these hard times. German Illitheas is one of the biggest talents around and such an outstanding composer and producer. Oh that is very hard to choose just one from each CD but let’s give it a try: It will be cool to let us know about them meloomania to recall the funniest or strange or sad memory that you had while you were recording the radio shows. vool

Mellowmania 20 includes some brand new productions from your hands in co-operation with Illitheas, Blue Tente and Re-Order. Without any doubt it is important to be found all platforms.

Josh Ferrin – Cry Original Mix May it be video stuff on Youtube or podcasts on Soundcloud.