Open up new creative possibilites with FreeFor Pro. Features include Dpeth renders and Reflection mapping. Bend and distort on x, y, z. Create additional 3D materials, like water and glass. New Grid Distribution System: Take your motion graphics to the next level.

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Take your motion graphics to the next level.

Work with a familiar U. This changes everything for me and Mettle freeform pro mac have only just scratched the surface. Features include Dpeth renders and Reflection mapping. Dan Gies put togetehr an 18 part series that has been proven to be the standard for character animation in After Effects. Replicate your 3D object multiple times on a single layer. Download the project files to see just how easy it is to create stunning shape morphs with FreeForm Pro.

FreeForm Pro’s rendering allows for a high level of realism. Transform your layer into an array of primitives: Add more geometry for extreme close-ups in your animation, and diminish the geometry for long-shots of the same model.

Mettle – FreeForm Pro

FreeForm Pro is very cool. Find it in your account. Easier to create natural-looking organic surfaces and animations using mathematical algorithms instead of freefogm geometry. Open up new creative possibilites with FreeFor Pro. FreeForm Pro renders up to 20x faster than the basic version of FreeForm. Assign Ae layers including animated pre-comps as a texture.


ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro available for CS6: Mac & WIN

Mist and Fog are cast onto SkyDome Background. The Ultimate Guide by Chris Lavelle. Add the fresnel lens phenomenon to your work. Great for terrain and character animation.

Mettle FreeForm Pro Archives – AE

Combine and use filters and plug-ins that ship with After Effects or others like you never dreamed possible. Add up to control points on a single mesh layer, and control and animate each point in 3D space.

Controls to Amplify Scale and Rotation via luminance values in height maps. Free Form Pro has finally brought the third dimension to After Effects in a way like never before. All that speed and technology results in freedom. Easy and intuitive to use and the displacement and reflection mapping are very powerful. Mettle freeform pro mac creative combination of tools has always intrigued me and I am always fascinated to see how customers use our prodcuts in combination with othe offerings.


This architecture has allowed us to introdcue features that were just not viable before, Create anamzing 3D shape morphs via fmailiar 2D filters a in After Effects FreeForm Pro generates all geometry oin the fly, right in the AE comp window. Freedom to create, to experiment to attain a new mettle freeform pro mac l of creativity and spontanaity.

No longer do I have to use complex networks of effects, 3D renders from other ,ettle and intricate composites to achieve a seamless sense of depth and character emotion. Field of View Controls. Is a great complement to displacement maps. New Grid Distribution System: Find it in your account Lro Address: Click on the link above to see how easy it is. Use a grayscale image to displace or deform your layer in 3D space.