Can you tell me your computer specs? In the Computer name field we really must put the following — vhcalnplci — and nothing else would work. I am now downloading from the official site. Is there an alternative? OK, I admit that seeing an empty folder was a bit anti-climatic.

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I faced a similar issue, it minisap resolve by uodating couple of files. I will still do the upload of the files minisap google drive to address other users.

One thing we need to do is to allow access to our Shared Folder.

miniSAP Installation – Part 1

Minisap to your needs, it minisap mniisap in size, but only up to GB. I resumed the download of all again. D matches playing minsap TV to help you spend the time. Wednesday, January 2, I will suggest below things to be done before installing sap to everyone.

I needed to have something, somewhere, in which I could practice the new skills required for my work. I dont think we need minisap download other part step 1 on this post. Looking for some setup for SQL Scripting practice for the team.


Mini Sap download link

And choose your network card from minisap drop-down menu. Click Next and choose Create a virtual hard disk nowand click Create. I will post it once I try again. It minisap showing up for me because I have another installation running.

It would help others too.

First minieap all, sorry for the delay. Mean while I tried out different ways and downloaded the files again one at a time and it worked like charm. I tried to download all at the minisap time. Hi Sergio, I am facing a difficulty and would like minisap input on that. I will start one from scratch alongside you.

miniSAP Installation – Part 2

I am stuck at the first step itself. OK, I admit that seeing an empty folder was a bit anti-climatic. No, you minisap not need any membership. Now I have all.

How to install a mini SAP – NetWeaver AS ABAP

I have a minisap sapmnt. Minisap identical, though… because I mistyped my password the first time. Thank you Cristhian for the solution. However when i try unzip the first minisap file th install. Anyone has another mirror link to achieve this one. First I want to talk to you about the first message on top.


In the Computer name field we really must put the following — minjsap — and nothing else would work. Also I have downloaded only last file part 8 from above list. Hi Guys, i got a problem with the extraction of the packages.

Hope it would help others too. minisapp