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Vuyo Mokoena – Ntate Nthuse – KKBOX

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Vuyo Mokoena

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Imvana Khangela umsindisi wethu Ebethelwe mething Haiti ummeli wabo… Jehova Wemikhosi Baba mdali wethu ntate nthuse wena Uma sishiywa nguwe sophelela … Jerusalema Jerusalem, ikhaya lam Eng’lithandayo Jerusalem, ikhaya lam E… Khomelela Ndzi ta khomelela ka xona Xihambano Ndzi ku ndzi khoma hari… Khomelela Famba Eku Vonakaleni Ndzi ta khomelela ka xona Xihambano Ndzi ku ndzi khoma hari… Lekunutu Ntate nthuse le Morena, txo go nna di ga kaaka o… Mayenzake Intando Yakho Bawo xa ndilahlekayo Koluhambo lwel’ ilizwe Hlal’ undi fundi… Melusi Wami baba wena unguye melusi wam X2 kwezi zaqwithi moya wam uyavu… Ngobekezela Hay’alikho igama linje nge’lakho Jehovhaa!

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Ntate Nthuse – Jabu Hlongwane & Vuyo Mokoena | Shazam

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