There are several ways to locate your model number: I tried 3 different ROMS, just in case something was wrong with the downloaded file. Subscribe to Updato channel. Moreover, users of even the flagship devices in less-commercialized regions have always suffered a long and grueling waiting period to receive a Samsung software update that others got months ago. While the Android operating system in is fairly advanced and offers more capabilities than ever thought possible, there is some amount of restraint that Google and specific Android OEM vendors have put forward. Unplug and plug the device again. Regardless of what Odin version to use on your Galaxy device, every build of the software is completely portable.

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But ad revenue is our only way to manage this site. Odin is hands down the best tool used to flash ROMs on your phone, but how do you find out what Odin 3.07 for galaxy y version to use on your Galaxy device? This file force a creating a file system from the beginning, something like creating new partition in the computer on the hard drive. I also used another cable.

We use cookies on our websites. You will need to procure a odin 3.07 for galaxy y bootloader file and insert into Odin to flash it. More than half a decade later since it was first introduced to the Android community, Samsung Odin has become the go-to software flashing tool for all Galaxy devices. Since the Samsung Galaxy lineup is expensive with hundreds of devices, one size does fit all and the same goes for Odin.


Remember to use a proper USB too. As you may already know, mobile and tablets have a certain amount of storage space reserved for the software, which is based on the partition size. This is the most important section for upgrading your Android device through this tool.

I tried 3 different ROMS, just in case something was wrong with the downloaded file.

What Odin version to use for your Galaxy device – Odin options and compatibility list

Reply More Link to post. What mean buttons in Odin 3. Similarly, since the software updates are controlled by the manufacturer of your Android device, you had no control over the Android version of your device — until Odin software arrived. To help you find the gwlaxy version for your Samsung Galaxy device, we have compiled a list of all the Odin versions released over the years.

Do not unplug the cable.

Samsung Galaxy Y — ROM Flashing issue with Odin | AndroidPIT Forum

Odin engine v ID: It is especially useful if you end up partitioning your device and incur issues. Regardless of what Odin version to use, you can use the flashing tool to give your device quite the upgrade that it surely deserves. You will need to specify a. This section is for a new Bootloader. Reset option helps you to make no changes to the phone.

What Odin Version to Use for Your Galaxy Device – Odin Options & Compatibility List

The file is used to format all userdata partition and write new data on it. Odin is the most commonly used Samsung flashing tool which is leaked from Samsung itself. While we have included older versions of Odin tool for reference, we suggest you begin by trying out the latest version of Samsung Fkr.


Enabling you to flash official firmware updates warranted by Samsung, Odin ensures that your device warranty stays intact and you enjoy the latest update along with it. Also, ID4me does not belong to an enterprise.

As an inexperienced user who is new to the world of Samsung Odin, we suggest you stick to basics when it comes to using the software.

Samsung Galaxy Y — ROM Flashing issue with Odin

It Can communicate with a smartphone using USB. Then turn to DL mode and unplug it again and re-plug. Without ad revenue we won’t be able to continue to provide quality content and free firmware downloads.

This has led to talented developers in oxin community to bring about custom firmware for Galaxy devices that help in unofficially upgraded the software and enhancing the performance of devices with custom ROMs.

Reset Time — Simply enables you to reset the flashing timer once the entire firmware flashing or rooting process is completed on Odin. Looks like you’re using an ad blocker.

After having a Pass message of the installation process, click on to Exit button.