I should have looked at the TOS first. It is a never ending story to figure it out. An example would be using 11 spin, to reach a lower pin distance, whilst performing a silent backspin shot. Btw sorry for writing all this, i tried to write as clearly as I can Zex said this on April 23, at 4: Zex said this on April 25, at 1:

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Funnyfun said this on August 16, at For 30 Degrees Calculatot would just add another 4 yards. So you will have to ask here to have your question answered.

Is Pangya still available in PC? : pangya

Aansoo khushi ke gham ke song mp3 download Pokemon black v3.10 file download Kkhh instrumental mp3 download Theme download nokia Adsl upload download simultaneous Seka rodjena sa vukovima download. You are commenting using your WordPress. This calculator makes all calculations for chip-ins and Hole in One shots by filling in 5 fields only, Access to 3 powerful shots Tomahawk, Backspin and Dunk.

Maybe you are doing Sin 30 x Angle.

Sorry for the double post, just wanted to let you know that i think something is wrong with the RSS feed of your blog and you might want to check it out, thanks. Elaine said this on March 3, at 7: Secondly, at that low distance, I would only do -3y for wind.


I purposely made a blog so I oangya not have to deal with people individually and in this manner, I can choose the time I want to deal with people. Great tutorial, just perfect! Funnyfun said this on August 28, at However, some people do choose to play 7 or 8 spin, but this changes aim.

Pangya Hio Calculator v3.01

Roberto said this on June 25, at 5: We have learned that the wind and ball effect changes your pin distance. The resulting wind effect — other than the angle — depends on distance, elevation and what kind of shot you are doing. Using Cos is perfectly fine, it will give you the same results BUT you have to turn around your angle reading.

Roberto said this on June 25, at 8: The table is only for 0 elevation and 0 Vertical Wind Effect perfect cross-wind and may be off by a few 0. So yes, final power is y.


You will get many greens throughout the game. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Pin distance becomes PangYa – YouTube Gaming. When using 2 wood i generally multiply my 1 wood hwi by 1. The Formula For tomahawk: So the best way to figure out greens is firstly to try teeshot always the same ca,culator get the same ballslope and obviously resulting in your approach shot always being from the same direction.


Pangya Hio Calculator v | Page 7 | Gamerzplanet – For All Your Online Gaming Needs!

There probably is an e-mail of me somewhere and maybe of stormcatz. Sin 30 is the same as Sin x Now thank you for your attention. Zex said this on April 21, at 3: As for the rest of the calchlator, this is referring to ballslope. All this information is great. James Bower said this on September 7, at If you have been to school. But it can also depend on windstrength.