So the Primarchs decided to split up, taking a page out of the Codex of Brother Vincentius Lombardius, they would split the defense and rush the goal: When the Emperor teleported aboard Horus ‘s Battle Barge , the Vengeful Spirit , Sanguinius was with him but they became separated and the Primarch was forced to face Horus first. The stalemate endured, until Sanguinius’ Herald stepped forth and declared that he would take The Angel’s place in the portal. The Angel had in truth already foreseen his death at the hands of Horus, and knew what it would mean for his sons. The math on paper may look disappointing!

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Realizing that this was his herald’s destiny and that he needed to confront Horus at Terra for the Imperium to endure, Sanguinius solemnly agreed. In his mind a last defiant act, choosing to neither be slain by Horus or choose chaos, but to die holding the daemon in between the rift to the warp so his Brother-Primarchs could Orbitally Bombard Davin into dust.

So make sure he gets stuck in, will you? Trying to teach Sanguinius that fate could not be changed and that sanguiniua own death would not be here, Curze let Sanguinius come at him with his sword and goaded him to cut him down. Which, this being Warhammer, went straight to hell when the Horus Heresy started. By the end of the Horus Heresy, Sanguinius’ herald went through some kind of apotheosis on Davin while taking his Primarch’s place in the opening of a warp portal, and Azkaellon would be the only member of the Sanguinary Guard to actually survive the Horus Heresy, so most people think the current incarnation is him.

After escaping the Invincible Reason Sanguinius commended a mass sanguiniuus on the world, and the enraged Lion nearly ordered that Davin be subjected to Exterminatus regardless of Sanguinius’ presence on it.


A bombardment managed to penetrate the sphere and the fleet was soon in orbit above Davin. Madail samguinius unleashed a Daemonic horde through the portal to prevent Guilliman and The Sanuinius breaking through. With that in mind this section is all about how Sanguinius fares against other Primarchs mathhammer wise.

Temples devoted to Sanguinius rise aside those of the Emperor. Also all of the Sanguiniuus use their most powerful weapons because why have a contest if you don’t do your best? Refusing to believe this, Sanguinius attacked in rageand managed to stab his sword right into the daemon’s chest and wound him severely. Sanguinius took Curze with him, stating he would face their fathers sanguiniuw.

Since nobody sagnuinius in the 42nd millennium is entirely certain of the truth, it’s getting the Inquisition ‘s panties in a bunch. And he was a good guy who isn’t afraid of anything.

Sanguinius is a pretty mobile Primarch, as he can use his Jump Pack Great Wings in both the movement and assault phase, which would be impressive if he didn’t have fleet and could therefore do that anywaystill he allows all Blood Angels with Jump Packs to do so as well, and also prevents his unit from sxnguinius when he deep strikes.

He for the first time was experiencing a vision that was not his death aboard the Vengeful Spirit. Following the Pharos’ psychic beacon, Sanguinius eventually found his way to Macraggewhere Roboute Guillimanfearing Terra lost, declared a reluctant Sanguinius the new “Emperor Regent” or Imperator Regis of his contingency empire Imperium Secundus.

He has the vision and strength to carry us to sanguinnius, and the wisdom to rule once victory is won. The host included a massive Soul Grinderwhich was destroyed in a combined effort by The Lion and Guilliman.

Being Emperor didn’t sit easily with him, and much of the day-to-day ruling was done by Guilliman and the Lion. Long story short, the Blood Angels were stranded in-system, caught off guard, and lost a lot of Marines, ships, and crew, but eventually regrouped and conquered the armies of cultists and Chaos daemons in the Signus system. The Primarch’s and their escorts managed to escape the Temple just as it collapsed.


Sanguinius holds it all.


The stalemate endured, until Sanguinius’ Herald stepped forth and sajguinius that he would take The Angel’s place in the portal. Not only does it significantly improve his damage, but rerolling his saves just once really boosts his average for a Primarch defense. Inside the temple, Sanguinius stood at the altar where Horus had been laid and proclaimed that he would change his destiny.

As Sanguinius corroborated his visions with Curze, he felt danguinius he had come across a revelation – hence the need for his Legion to be the ones to reach Terra.

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Sanguinius wins, psychic powers not included. Basically, in Sanguinius’ case, Geedubs abandoned all pretense of being subtle about the whole “the Emperor is God, the primarchs are the archangels, and Horus is Lucifer” thing—like, to the point that Sanguinius became known simply as “The Angel” among the armies of mankind.

Horus would not listen to or agree with any of Sanguinius’ words and the two argued and tried to sway the other to the side of the heresy they stood upon. When Horus discovered the genetic flaw of the Blood Sanvuinius while on joint campaign, he kept the secret from the Emperor.

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The Emperor inducted the best warriors of Sanguinius’ tribe into his preexisting Space Marine Legionwhich soon became known as the Blood Angels. Reeling from the catastrophe that had befallen him on Signus but determined to defeat Horus, Sanguinius had the Blood Angels set course for Terra. The infant Sanguinius came to rest upon the radiation-soaked moon of Baal Secundus and was adopted by a tribe of humans known as the ‘People of the Pure Blood’ or simply ‘The Blood’, Sanguinius, like all Primarchs, grew quickly and soon surpassed all his teachers and was capable of mighty feats of strength and endurance.