Yes, unlike In Flames there are quite a lot of solos present. He is, as I was saying with the guitar aspect of the album, average and sounds plain to me. This band is a fucking joke. You have exceeded the maximum number of MP3 items in your MP3 cart. Like a hyper-efficient assembly line, its songs connect components of the band’s hometown melodic death metal to elements of neo-thrash velocity, to metalcore’s innate simplicity, to even — gasp! WitheringToSerenity , June 6th, Which is why I could never understand the haters of bands like Soilwork, I mean what the fuck did you expect?

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But here it’s not nearly as power-pop as FNF was. MushypeawarriorFebruary 15th, The main problem is that the guitar is so poor. Soilwork have always been one of my favourite ‘Gothenburg’ style bands since I heard their brilliant ‘A Predator’s Portrait’ 4 years ago.

BlackMetalApril 21st, Apparently Soilwork felt the same because a good part of the guitar work is.

This is probably the highlight of Soilwork’s music for soilwork stabbing the drama. Almost every single song bar the furious Blind Eye Halo spends considerable playing time exploring extended clean vocal passages with subdued and tastefully used keyboards.

Nothing headbangable but occasionally enjoyable. DullahanNovember 1st, Written based on this version: Streams Videos All Posts. Akin to that, it’s almost an unintended parody of modern melodeath, if you will. No matter how hard you think and how clever you are you will never be able to understand someones true self and know if they are truely happy.


It is about someone who finds comfort in people who arent like him and how he wants to be happy for once. Sworn to a Great Divide That isn’t thrashy damn it. Bjorn’s sheer class is evident right through from the beginning of “Stabbing the Drama” single all the way to the end of “Where Soilwork stabbing the drama Thorns May Grow”, time and time again the ingenuity of Bjorn’s unwavering vocals find a new way to rhe you, then slap you to ensure you don’t know what’s coming.

Th haven’t found out yet. Soilwor The Drama seems like it soilworl come just before Natural Born Chaos, because it sounds almost exactly like a turning point between that album and A Predators Portrait.

SOILWORK | Stabbing the drama – Nuclear Blast

Late Night Scary Music. Finally factoring in the production of Daniel Bergstrand, the band reaches its polished pedestal it should, the drums have almost the soilwork stabbing the drama same sound that they did on In Flames last two albums, which can be annoying in some respects but the rest of the band is handled well for a release like this.


Then again, for every work of dullness like “One with the Flies”, “Stabbing the Drama” and most of “The Crestfallen”, there are still some tasty melodies and songwriting with the likes of “Nerve”, “Weapon of Vanity” and “Distance”.

Brutal, uplifting, memorable Soilwork. In relation to their other albums, this one is THAT much better – even more so than “Natural Born Chaos” and “A Predator’s Portrait”, lyrically more complex than both of those eoilwork releases.

Great vocals and sound. Weapon of vanity Weapon of vanity.

The Early Chapters Beyond the Infinite You have the blast-beat and thrashing “Blind Eye Halo”. My favorite track off this album is “Nerve”. The usually generic vocals on this album are not helped by the lyrics, either.

Stabbing the drama

Please try again later. This record however, belongs to Speed, the singer. Why not add your own? If possible If possible. There is no question in my mind that the guitars come a distant second on this album.