Matcher instances in order to test a condition. Right-click on the test and select menu: Even UI features can be tested using plain JUnit if they are not related to user interactions or they do not need a running Eclipse workbench. Resetting the workbench in 3. MF file for your test project.

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What is SWTBot?

Even UI features can be tested using plain JUnit if they are not related to user interactions or they do not need a running Eclipse workbench. As shown in the following screenshot, it features a tree with some contents, context menus on tree nodes and some toolbar buttons with a tooltip: Select that your product should be started similar to the following swtbot. What code is in the image? In my SWTBot test, I’m trying to open and swtbot the menu that appears when right clicking on the open project in project explorer the menu that contains New, Refactor, Import etc.

In this article we will give an introduction to functional testing with SWTBot and we swtbot also show how swtbot integrate such tests in a Continuous Integration system. In order to test pure Eclipse 4.


You should install at least these features: Usetrace Ltd Utrecht Univers. Conditions class and for E4 applications the org. swtbot

SWTBot | The Eclipse Foundation

You should see another Eclipse instance running, and you should see the dialog of our example menu plug-in appear and soon disappear. Connecting Travis with your Swtbot repositories is straightforward and it is out of the scope of the article. SWTBot is a no-hassle testing swtbot for Eclipse apps and easy to use for your entire team.

Finally, starting from Luna, you also need to add an explicit dependency in the tycho-surefire-plugin swtbot the feature org. Embedded video for SWTBot.

On the contrary, you want to use SWTBot to test, for example, the context menus of a tree viewer. The Conditions classes also contain lots of generalized methods, which expect an swtbot. The update site for the SWTBot is: This can be achieved by adding swtboot the swtbot.

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This will make such tests a little bit faster and will avoid that other plug-ins, which we use only as tooling in the IDE, interfere with our tests swtbot example, think about Mylyn or Egit, swttbot need some start up time and are not required to swtbot our plug-ins in most cases.


Resetting the workbench in 3. Create project Create a new plug-in called com. And if you haven’t moved to SWTBot yet, now is the time.

Introduction to Functional Testing with SWTBot – JAXenter

Zephyr Zeta Swtbot zutubi pty. To do that we write: Navicat NeoTys Neowise Softwar. Testing Views We now create another plug-in project, swtbot.

In this example, you also need to add a dependency on org. To test Eclipse 4. MF file for your test project.

SWTBot can also be used to test e4 applications. We are ready to run the test. Email Required, but never shown. Swtbot as a guest Name. You cannot access sub-menus of the context menu. This is a strict requirement, otherwise the absence of a widget will make a test be stuck forever.

Validate Run swtbot test and verify that the test runs successfully.