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I rekoh ti i to sto ne mislim I nije mi ni malo neprijatno I rekoh ti da sad sam zauzet I da mi je ovo vrijeme kao zlocna I rekoh ti ma ne, ne drzi me jer htio tpse novi cd sad da stavim I dodaj mi molim te moj mobilni jer tose proeski na mesto zlocina moram nekom da se javim A bio sam spreman da zbog tebe ginem I hiljadu i jednu zvijezdu da ti skinem I ucinim sve sto samo pozelis Ne neboj se ne Tose Proeski – Na mesto zlocina – http: Funny Pictures 1 9, times Funny Videos 44 11, times Funny Pictures 5 11, times 6.


Toše Proeski – Na mesto zločina lyrics + English translation

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tose – guilty – akordi i tablature za gitaru

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Na mesto zlocina

Don’t be afraid Tose Profski – Na mesto zlocina – http: And I told you things that I even didn’t mean and I’m not not even a little bit uncomfortable about it and I told you that I’m busy right now and that this time is like a golden to me means to me.

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