You can choose the proxy protocol you are going to use. FreeCap is a very old free proxifier that was last released on but seems to work on Windows 8. Widecap is an extended version of the system proxifier called Freecap,. Sean 4 years ago. Finally, you have to choose the rule for anonymizing the chosen applications.

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4 Apps to Route All Internet Connection Through Open Proxy Servers

Are widecap of the mentioned programs allows starting a proxied process through command line and not gui? When you hit the OK button to save the app profile you made, and then go to the view programs tab, you can now see the app present in the widecap window. Clicking on the Widecap application link will bring you a window in which you can define widecap new profile for a certain app.

To do so, open up the Tor Browser and click on the onion in the top bar and select Preferences. I have recently setup my Macbook Pro to have the option to use Tor for all network traffic whenever I need to, thanks to this widecap tutorial done by Meitar Moscovitz.

JonDo Help: How to use Widecap with JonDonym

Widecap is available for free at http: On the first text field, the server: We, instead, are strongly discouraging from using this service. Finally, you have to choose the rule for anonymizing the chosen applications. Widecap can be used widecap anonymity purposes too as it really hides your real IP hence you are completely anonymous and becomes unidentifiable. The steps to get ProxyCap working are nearly the same as the rest of the proxifier programs widecap on this article which is adding a proxy and configure a widecap rule.


This site uses cookies. As you can expect from a paid software, Proxifier is more stable, up to date with new technologies, easier to use and has more features if compared to the free ones like FreeCap or WideCap.

Sometimes you will get an error window stating that the proxy is currently down or too slow, when this happens, you can always try the proxy widecap is next in line. Only 3 steps are required to widecap an application using WideCap which is adding a proxy list, creating a rule and finally add an application with the rule assigned to it. In our case, since we are using a SOCKS v5 proxy, the second radio button was checked, and also the authentication check box. Widecap Skip to content.

You can download the free trial ProxyCap that works for 30 days from the link below. I tried many applications, some of them ended up corrupting the Tor Browser itself, until I found the holy grail, a widecap Russian proxifier called Widecap.

In order to see the proxy server address and port of the desired Widecap proxy you are looking for, just click on the click here to view link on the proxy info pop-up window. The first thing that you need to do for FreeCap to work under Windows 8. In fact your IP address is providing more information as you may expect.

Fortunately most of the popular Internet based software such as web browsersinstant messengers and email clients support a proxy where you can enter the IP wideca; port of the proxy server and all the Internet traffic will be routed to the proxy server. From here, you can access widecap account widecap, make searches for proxies and see lists of proxies depending on how you have sorted it.


How to work with Widecap | Widecap tutorial | Widecap manual

ON services and information about them. Damien 10 years ago. Click OK to save the rule. Wait until the proxy was checked. Click File from the widecap bar and select Settings. However for corporate companies that require more control of their Internet usage will have to use a proxy server to manage and share the Internet widecap. Add a new rule widecap the Network menu, give it a name, then go to Chain and select Unused which includes the proxy we just set up.

You can now copy and use the proxy server address and port on the Widecap application. After successful checking, you will see the information you need widecap the proxy.

With this, it makes proxy handling smoother and faster, thus widecap its performance for proxifying purposes especially with SOCKS. Click on the OK button below, and then your settings will now be saved.