Originally Posted by EvilDragon. Reinstalling didn’t help and I really don’t know how to make it work again. It was something with my system Windows 10 user. Downloads for everything are still there if you was registered and updated the account around Did you try to remove that line from vstplugins.


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If you own some Sonar Platinum version, probably z3ta+.dll can install it as “Platinum Instrument Collection” without installing Sonar itself using CCC If you own older versions, as I remember installing plug-ins separately can be more complicated. By the way, I got the license key from a giveaway. Essentials Only Full Version.

Originally Posted by azslow3 Do you have Cakewalk account? Did anyone notice the same issue? Does this mean I did something wrong during the installation? Find it physical location on the zz3ta+.dll and check if you need to add that folder to plugin scan. Send a private message to EvilDragon.


I always zta+.dll it as a part of Cakewalk bundle, not a separate plug-in. So that also should not be a problem if you was uninstalling proper way before installing again.


Originally Posted by azslow3 I have no more ideas left Combo Max Output Level: However, even though vn 2.


Entirely un dockable UI! Thanks for that helpful link, and the explanation.

Last edited by vitalker; at Send a private message to azslow3. The time zta+.dll is I mean it can happened you have more then one place with it.

Maybe try the DXi version? So that is not a problem I guess 1.

Originally Posted by poetnprophet it must be the “free giveaway” causing issue. Originally Posted z3ta+.dl azslow3. Are we really talking about the same version?

The only reference at all that I could find to using the synth as effects is to the last method described in that article, where you insert the synth itself, not the fx version, and set the “Audio Input Thru” option. It is working OK in its function as a synth. Do zt3a+.dll have Cakewalk account?

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It z3ta+.dlo be stored in different folder. Sonar allows you to configure a synth as a tempo based effect, and an effect as a synth.



If so I’d be grateful for your advice. View More Photo Galleries. But the really confusing part is what I see in Sonar when I right-click on an effects bin this is in the console view for an instrument track.

z3ta+.dll – Download z3ta+.dll

Perhaps you have a synth version configured as an effect. There’s no mention of an FX version in the manual, and I think I remember reading a review of the synth that was disappointed by the lack of the FX version. Downloads for everything are still there if you was registered and updated the account around It was something with my system Windows 10 user.

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