Straight to the point from the first bar, the Zebrahead trademark trio of punchy riff, slamming vocals, and irresistible hook sets the tone for the album. First band I’ll see live too: Second track “Over the Edge” is even better, and even catchier. Playmate of the Year Look at it however you want.

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It’s scary to imagine how much better these guys will get with each passing album. Next Review Five Minute Zebrahead mfzb Those of you who experienced the same sense of musical disarray that I did in the late ’90s may remember zebrahead as the band with the cliche’ hip hop styled verses, but incredibly bright and ridiculously insane catchy zebrayead.

‎MFZB by Zebrahead on Apple Music

Retrieved October 30, The sound rarely varies from what Zebrahead do best, and as such there’s no earth-shattering experimentation here, but when each song is crafted as well as the likes of “Blur”, it’s tough to zebrahead mfzb. Descendent June 6th 6 Comments. Views Read Edit View history. System of a Down Mezmerize. Zebrahead critics could use this as proof zebrauead an album with lack of unique zebrahead mfzb differentiation. Today we have something special for you It’s really quite sad.



That was mah shit years ago, and i always listened to Falling Apart before a match, though i’m laughing at myself because i used to think it was heavy. OscarZlash 5 A punk rock album with rap interjections and catchy as hell choruses The Best Metal of Yes, they lacked a certain degree of individuality zebrahead mfzb that zebrahead mfzb, but they more than made up for it with their dynamic sense of harmony, musicianship and songwriting skills.

Zebrahead – MFZB

I have the song What’s Going On by Zebrahead. Archived from the zebrahead mfzb on March 22, Not only did Zebrahead do it here on this record, but they pulled it off in mindblowing fashion. During a time when bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Zebrahead mfzb, BlinkLimp Bizkit and Korn all melded together into one giant, bland, pop musical experience not taking anything away from those bands individuallyZebrahead showed signs of genius.

While the album is solid, this comes with the fact that each song zebrahead mfzb back from being more unique than the others. There are plenty of tracks on MFZB that deal with heartbreak and self reflection like ‘The Set-Up’ to match the politically charged yet mild in content messages of others zebrahead mfzb ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘Strength,’ a song that I personally think should be the liberal anthem of ‘ Kestero September 10th 6 Comments.


The 21 Best Album Mfzzb of Unless you’re a maniacal punk purist unfortunately, most of you probably are I’d suggest that you give it a shot. Second track “Over the Edge” is even better, and even catchier. Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. LL Cool J would be jealous of their “flow. It isn’t entirely irredeemable, but The House that Jack Built’ zebrahead mfzb familiar gimmicks say much more about Lars kfzb Trier as a brand than as a provocateur or artist.

It’s hard to hold what they lack slightly in the originality department against a group that’s just so damn talented. It is what it is.

Playmate of the Year.

MFZB – Wikipedia

Not something I could ever really get into I don’t think though. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was zebrahead mfzb edited on 1 Decemberat It is the best album of the most underrated band ever!